Reinventing the Ruler
A virtual measuring tape for your smartphone

Can't find your ruler?

Don’t go anywhere. Just point your camera at the surface and get perfect measurements from the meAsuRe app. Bring the wonders of Augmented Reality to your smartphone. Don’t believe?

Measure any horizontal

Get exact measurement of any horizontal surface by pointing and tapping on the start and end points

Save measurements
in gallery

Do you like to go back and see what you measured previously? Save measured surfaces in your gallery with one tap

Share your measurements

Send it to anyone you like over email, WhatsApp or any other channel you like

Upcoming Features

Area Calculation

Area calculation of the room

Want the app to measure more than just length and breadth? In the new version, the meAsuRe app will be able to measure the area of the room as well

Vertical Measurements

Measuring vertical surfaces

With the introduction of ARKit 1.5, we will now be able to detect vertical surfaces accurately. So you can measure your wall as well as an object hanging on it

Experiment on Floor

Experiments on floor patterns

With this new feature, you would be able to visualize the look-and-feel of different floor patterns on your smartphone